House stages VOLVO (PR)

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Toronto, Canada – Situation: Volvo is launching its first truck release in 15 years. Challenge: Upstage the competition with a flashy launch event at ExpoCam 2017 in Montreal, targeting media, dealers and customers. Result: HOUSE delivered a high impact, multi-phased launch campaign with headline-grabbing praise. With the industry already buzzing about Volvo’s first truck release in well over a decade, Volvo decided that ExpoCam, Canada’s leading truck show, was the ideal platform to debut the new
VNR truck and create the biggest noise. As Volvo’s marketing partner for years, HOUSE’s Media Mixologists knew that this needed to be a first-rate event and seamlessly executed. Months of planning, strategizing, conceptualizing and developing came to fruition as ExpoCam
gave way when HOUSE switched into implementation and execution mode. To create anticipation, HOUSE staged a series of events to engage Volvo’s various stakeholders, including a hotel activation for guests, a press conference and media breakfast, a flashy VIP truck reveal event and finally culminating in an ultimate three day showcase at ExpoCam with
Volvo’s state-of-the-art stand. HOUSE’s Chief Media Mixologist, Robert Lyons said, “The Volvo VNR unveil was without doubt, one of the most dynamic and complex campaigns HOUSE has ever worked on. Aside from the
sheer logistics, HOUSE successfully organized multiple micro events to amplify Volvo’s news.
We also designed a completely immersive stand for Volvo, featuring mixed media components, built-in VIP lounges and moveable parts making it an interactive and visually stunning experience for guests.”
With unequivocal praise from media, dealers and customers, Volvo’s VNR truck unveiling was a resounding success, creating a buzz across the truck industry and being the star of the ExpoCam show.

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