“One Stop Shop”

Posted By Robert L. on Mar 28, 2019 | 0 comments

What Does ‘One Stop Shop’ Really Mean Anyway?

One Stop Shop. Full-Service. You’ve come across this phrase many times and chances are, you’ve likely been sold by it more than once. And why not? The promise of having multiple needs fulfilled by one Agency is totally appealing. Clients like nothing more than convenience. But, what kind of value are you really getting with a ‘one stop shop’ Agency? Today, the phrase is too-often a marketing cliché that is overused and underestimated.

Many Agencies out there aren’t a true ‘one stop shop’. Rather, they outsource some of the work to external parties, hike up the fees and slap the client with a bloated invoice. Hefty fees aside, you risk having your brand misinterpreted, which can be avoided if the project remains truly in-HOUSE.

HOUSE doesn’t need to go to market, because we have an in-house team of marketing consultants, branding gurus, digital geeks and production experts who can strategize, create, build, plan and execute under one roof. We like to call ourselves Media Mixologists, meaning that we’re a pretty talented bunch of multi-disciplinarians. Simply put, we don’t outsource because we don’t need to. By keeping things in-HOUSE, we keep things close, controlled and uncomplicated. That means we can focus on getting the most from your brand and your buck.  No clichés needed.

So next time you go Agency shopping, don’t always fall prey to the ‘one stop shop’ promise. Do your due diligence and understand what’s really on offer. It’ll save you a lot of headaches later.

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