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Posted By Robert L. on Apr 2, 2019 | 0 comments

Doing what everyone else isn’t doing?

I’ve been at “this” for a very long time. What exactly is “this”?

A Marketing enthusiast that has always taken my multi-disciplinarian approach to almost every form of media used in the advertising world to entirely new levels. The “status quo” has never been enough for me, quenched my thirst. To grow and always be on the lookout for what’s “in” today, tomorrow and how can I obtain more knowledge on the subject/s that will take me there.

I’ve written many articles for multiple industries, spoken at trade shows, corporate functions or even that standard presentation in front of suites that generally know less than I do. I suppose this is why I’m there preaching forward my knowledge that to me has become my religion of sorts. Ok, let’s call it an “ideology” and leave religion out of this.

I continue to find myself bewildered at the lack of knowledge that bounces back at me in these environments.

Why is that?

In a world of fast-paced access to information, a forever changing landscape of technology, one might think (or at least I do) that those in my industry should be quick to catch up and reciprocate content back my way.

I’m finding however that this isn’t the case.

I am speaking primarily to those that hold BIG titles but contain little information to support the initials after their names.

I tend to take a “backstage” approach to most of my work, delegate to teams and make a strategic leadership role from a higher vantage point. I’m still not able however to see the details behind why I’m talking to CEOs, Marketing Managers, CMOs, or ABCs for the difference that makes, who offer very little back to the brands they represent, work for or have launched themselves.

Marketing in many cases has become glorified support roles where high ranking executive officers are shopping around for the best prices, dealing directly with suppliers on projects that have an extremely small dollar and communications value.

I get it, companies runner leaner these days, appoint multiple “hats” of responsibilities on team players, yet this doesn’t mean you abandon common sense, allocate strategically all focused to achieve your objectives!

I think it’s time to re-claim what Marketing means!

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