Influencers in your Events

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Influencers in Your Event: Why Your Hostesses Should Be More Than Just Pretty Faces
By Robert Lyons, Chief Media Mixologist, HOUSE

When it comes to company events, more often than not I find staffing to be one of the most overlooked details. Promoters, hostesses and greeters – whatever you prefer to call your ‘front line’ staff, are the first opportunity to create an impression on behalf of your brand which goes far beyond a well-groomed appearance and a branded uniform to match. Admittedly, this approach is adequate in some cases or in some environments, but why settle for middle ground?

Event staffing, in my opinion, is an investment and staff are an extension of your brand. It’s important. Very important. Your hostesses are your front line brand ambassadors who should be invested in your product or service, engage with guests and in the best case scenario, support data capture, and lead generation. Too good to believe?

Not at all with HOUSE’s ‘Talent Box’ division. This was created to address the gap in event support services. Talent Box is not a typical staffing or modeling agency. All Talent Box staff are inducted into your brand. This means creating a connection with your product or service so they become natural advocates of your company. Talent Box also provides training on how to qualify lead and other simple lead generation tactics so you can get the most from your event.

So, for your next company event, ask yourself – what role do you want your event staff to play? Shift-fillers or lead generators? Greeters or engagers?

Invest in the right kind of Talent, the HOUSE way. We’re more than just pretty faces.


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